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We take pride in the fact that our Leads are 100% Non Solicited. We do not do use deceptive marketing practices or incentived lead generation methods. We stand behind every Lead! Clients find us Online while looking to buy Health, Life or Medicare Supplement Insurance.
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Huntsville , AL
Leadco buyer for 2 years
"The leads are delivered so fast that I can usually catch them while they are still on the website. Health Leads just close better for me when they're hot."

Lionia MI







Leadco Exclusive Client

"You have outdone yourself with the set up you have done for me. Not only are the leads exclusive, but they get right to my website. Out of the last five health insurance prospects I have recieved 2 of them have called me while I was still dialing thier number.
They asked for explanations of the plans that I offered. having them go to my website makes them feel more comfortable that I am a broker, and not just some guy trying to steal thier personal information. This will lead to a much larger closing ratio. Thanks,"

Upon submission of the lead we send the client to Lance's site. It has proven to make a difference. if you need a site, no problem!

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  • 100% Good Lead Guarantee:
    We guarantee the lead to be qualified with a working phone number.
    Bad leads ,disconnects, bogus info, fax will all be credited.

    New* Obamacare Leads filtered for medicaid and subsidy (Federal Poverty Line)

      Product Distribution Types:
    • Exclusive Health Insurance Leads are only distributed to one agent.
    • Shared Health Leads are distributed 1 to 5 times
    • Vintage Health Leads are leads that are from 1 day to 80 days
    • Health Insurance Call Transfers are direct connected from client to agent
      Optional Lead filters:
    • Self Employed
    • Minimum and Maximum Age
    • Insured
    • Uninsured
    • Income
    • Subsidy Eligible

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    Market Obamacare Plans in your area with the easiest word of mouth telephone number possible. Tell them to Dial 8-obomacare, and the phone rings directly to you. Put it on your business cards, your office door, your sign, a billboard.. Only 1 area code available per agent so supply is limited.

    Our Insurance Prospects are 100% Non-Solicited
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    Insurance Leads
    100% Qualifed Health Insurance Leads Guarantee on every lead we deliver
    We guarantee the lead to be qualified with a working phone number-we credit 100% of the bad leads.
    Bad leads include (disconnects, bogus info, fax #)
    " has without a doubt the best lead return policy of all the companies I worked with."
    ( Joe, Illinois Health Insurance Agent

    About Super Health Leads
    Super Health Leads are Health insurance Quote requests that may also include qualified Life, Dental, Disability, and Mortgage Life insurance prospects on same lead at no additional costs.  We receive about 30% life ins requests on our leads. Which means you get both a quality health insurance propect as well as a life insurance referral for one affordable price. All qualified health leads are delivered in Real time.

    And as always every single lead has a 100% qualified lead guarantee.

    Here is a Sample Lead for Agents 

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    Contact/Email/ Manager and Lead Database
    Contact Management feature

    Probably the most valuable tool for today's insurance professional.
    You never have to print another lead or attempt to manage your business  dealing with hundreds of papers.
    With the Leadco-Zone Contact/Email manager you can have an electronic database of leads.
    Features include: Make notes on prospects and save for future reference, track prospects by marking as sold, no contact, uninsurable, contact at a later date, request a credit, or hide the lead for future use.

    Lead Builder Database
    Build a prospect database that you can work today, tomorrow or a year later. All affordable health leads purchased from LeadCo and the ability to add insurance prospects into your database make this a must have for long term success in the insurance business. Do an email campaign with the email manager  on old leads or redistribute leads to your new recruits. Never miss a sale again.

    Lead Generation Time for deposit accounts:

    Because our leads are 100% Non-Solicited and 100% Search generated the quantity of health and life insurance leads we find may vary by State, area, and or zips that you choose to receive leads for.  The amount of time it takes to generate high quality or exlusive health or life insurance leads for specified areas may also vary so qualified insurance leads you purchase may not be received immediately in all areas, just ask an account rep at 877-532-3261 ext 3. 

    Lead Credit expiration
    If you have not received the contracted number of leads within 90 days of account set up the credits will expire.

    Sample lead: ==========================================================

     Leadco Super Health Insurance Leads for Agents   877-532-3261
    100% Search Generated Insurance Leads for Agents, 100% Non solicited, IP verification, Best Credit policy

    07/11/05 - 10:00
    New Health Insurance Quote Request from: Johnny Prospect

    Day time phone:                          931-xxx-xxxx
    Evening Phone                            931-xxx-xxxx
    Address:                                     101 Cheap St
    City State:                                   Dallas, TX 37398
    Occupation:          Self- Employed
    Annual Income:     50k to 100k
    Effective date:        09-01-2005
    Currently Insured : Yes
    Current carrier :     Blue Cross
    Monthly Premium: $455.00
    Self Employed:            Yes
    Do you currently have a home mortgage? Yes
    Quotes requested for:
    Health Insurance       Yes
    LTC                          No
    Life                           Yes
    Disability                    No
    Mortgage Life            Yes

    Applicant :                    Gender: Female DOB: 05/15/1956
                                       Tobacco: yes Ht: 5'6" WT: 115

    Spouse :                       Gender: None DOB: Tobacco: no
                                        HT: WT:

    Child 1: Gender: None
    Child 2: Gender: None
    Child 3: Gender: None
    Child 4: Gender: None
    Child 5: Gender: None

    Are any applicants currently being treated, or ever
    been treated for the following conditions:
    Cancer      NO
    Diabetes    NO
    Aids          NO
    Stroke       NO
    Heart         NO
    Are you or any member of your family currently pregnant?     No

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     (comma delimited) format file.

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